Celebrating 80 Years of Ministry

In May of 2017 we celebrated a blessed milestone: 80 years of ministry. To God Be All Glory!

We are overjoyed and would like to invite you to join us for any of our services or special events planned this year
as we celebrate our history and continue along our journey of Kingdom-building until the King returns. 

Journey of Who We Are

Excerpt written and presented at the 80th Anniversary Celebration

by First Lady Wauketa Hawkins

We are living in a time when our identity is being challenged by movements within our culture.  Of whence we came, who we are, and who we will become has been obscured by the chaos of life as we know it today. 

Allow us a moment of your time, to commence on a journey that will reveal "Us".  Breathe it in, with your eyes open wide, as history unfolds.  We will revisit a time of building, brotherhood and growth.  A time of joy, sorrows and triumphs. 

Witness the courage and determination of God's people.  The man in the "Derby Hat" began to plant seeds.  Lives were changed.  Men and women from all walks of life came together in unity and exhibited God's Greatness!  As in Gideon's call, few became many, not by numbers but by God's strength.  They were "The Conquerors of another nature" for such a time as theirs.  They rose above oppression, being certain of the Father's promises of a Great Inheritance.  They would not be held back by fear nor doubt, believing in the victory of the Cross.  "Where did they come from?", many asked. They were a chosen generation, a holy nation, God's very own possession.  They followed after His Spirit. They were HIS PEOPLE.

The foundation stood strong and sure.  The rock could not be moved.  Generations later the vision and faith of ONE man has prospered beyond the horizon.  From Lothian to Kenya, to the Dominican Republic, to Cuba, to Guatemala - The Holy One has been shared.  All who gather here today are just a sprinkle of those who have been touched.  As we embark on this venture together, we find that the journey back will reveal something beautifully new: Our history is your story!  We are a bud from the same seed.  We are the Conquerors of today. God has been, is and shall forever be with us. Let us CELEBRATE the Journey of Who we Are, our History!!!